The Mary L. Peyton Foundation was created for charitable and educational purposes. Aid is given to legal residents of El Paso, Texas for necessities of life, medical attention and equipment, and educational/vocational assistance to qualified needy individuals who are incapacitated or lack sufficient funding. 

Joseph C. Peyton came to El Paso, Texas in 1899 suffering from an advanced case of tuberculosis. His doctors in his hometown of Lebanon, Tennessee recommended that this young man of 21 years go to the Southwest for treatment. He recovered and Joe Peyton, who was smart and ambitious, became the founder of the multimillion dollar Peyton Packing Company. He saw first hand that many in the city and county needed financial help due to conditions over which they had no control. His deep concern for the troubles of others led him to establish the Foundation in 1937, which he named to honor his mother, Mary L. Peyton. 

Eventually, the Foundation became an operating non-profit charity, 501(c)(3), chartered by the State of Texas in 1970. Applications are received from on-line applications and telephone calls.